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501351 Body Repairs 501351 DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION Body Steel doors The body consists of the following Steel luggage compartment lid Unibody construction Highstrength rollformed bolton front and rear bumper beams Two door coupe Two door convertible Lightweight steel material Steel radiator support assembly HSLA highstrength low alloy highstrength and mild steels Aluminum hood Bolted removable front fenders hinged doors and hood Front subframe assembly which houses steering and suspension components and provides structural support Rear underbody bracing on convertible models provides additional structural support Structural adhesive used in body side rocker reinforcements Apillar and underbody Vehicles built prior to 012007 contain dualphase steel in the rocker panel reinforcement and underbody cross braces vehicles built after 012007 will contain highstrength steel in components that were constructed of dualphase steel For dimensional information refer to the following illustrations Steel fenders Body Margins NOTE Dimensions apply to right and left side NOTE Coupe body style shown convertible similar Copyright 2006 Ford Motor Company Last updated 6272006 2007 Mustang Mustang GT 82006