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20502A1 Rear Drive AxleDifferential Ford 75Inch Ring Gear 20502A1 DIAGNOSIS AND TESTING Rear Drive Axle and Differential 5 Special Tools Are there any special conditions affecting the concern or will alter the concern For example X road speed X type of road X drive mode X temperature X Dial Indicator Gauge with Holding Fixture 100002 TOOL4201C or equivalent vehicle loaded or unloaded 6 Is the condition constant or intermittent Can the concern be duplicated at any time 7 Check for TSBs SSM and OASIS messages Inspection and Verification 1 With the vehicle in NEUTRAL position it on a hoist For additional information refer to Section 10002 The technician should have a thorough knowledge of driveline system operation and accepted general driveline guidelines to detect any problems A gear driven unit will produce a certain amount of noise Some noise is acceptable and audible at certain speeds or under various driving conditions Certain conditions such as road conditions and weather will amplify normal vehicle noise Certain rear axle and driveline concern symptoms are also common to the engine transmission rear wheel bearings and tire For this reason be sure the cause of the concern is in the axle before repairing or installing any axle components 3 NOTE If the inspection reveals an obvious concern repair the vehicle Do a preliminary investigation Visually inspect for obvious signs of damage 1 Inspect the driveshaft X X X 2 X Carry out a preliminary investigation X Road test the vehicle 2 Verify and document the customer concern X 3 X When was it first noticed 2 Did it appear suddenly or gradually 3 Did anything unusual occur that would coincide with it or precede it X 4 Has the driveline system been repaired before or new components installed X Check the vehicle service record Note any repairs other than driveline such as brakes or suspension Copyright 2006 Ford Motor Company Last updated 6192006 for signs of leakage at the drain or fill plug differential seal vent or halfshaft seals for damage such as cracks bent halfshafts or dented rear cover for missing fasteners Inspect other suspect componentssystems 1 X Ujoints or flex couplers for wear or damage a plugged vent or vent tube will cause a leak Verify and document the customer concern Inspect the components for damage such as a bent tube or missing weights Inspect the axle The following is a guide to diagnose a driveline concern Find the cause of the problem for build up of any foreign material X inspect the halfshaft assemblies for damaged CV joints or torn CV boots inspect the suspension for broken springs damaged shock absorbers and worn suspension bushings inspect the rear brake components lines cables and calipers inspect the tires are they in good condition and do they match 2007 Mustang Mustang GT 82006