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2007 PCED On Board Diagnostics SECTION 3 Symptom Charts Procedure revision date 03292006 Step 3 No Diagnostic Trouble Codes DTCs Present Symptom Charts Chart 1 StallsQuits Idle Acceleration Cruise Stall After Start Runs Rough Misses BuckJerk HesitationStumble Surge Unique Idle Concerns Rolling Idle Intermittent Rough Idle Note For some vehicle applications the engine may stall if left running while refueling Advise the customer to turn the engine off while refueling to avoid contamination or damage to the evaporative emission EVAP system SYSTEMCOMPONENT Check the following parameter identifiers PIDs DPFEGR if equipped hot idle value within 015 volt of the key ON engine OFF value LONGFT1LONGFT2 value between 20 and 20 VPWR value between 105 and 170 volts and within 05 volt of battery voltage REFERENCE Section 5 Pinpoint Test unless noted DPFEGR PID value not within 015 volt of key ON engine OFF value For vehicles equipped with an exhaust gas recirculation system module ESM GO to Pinpoint Test HH For all others GO to Pinpoint Test HE LONGFT1LONGFT2 value low Continue diagnosis Concentrate checks in areas that would cause the engine to run rich LONGFT1LONGFT2 value high Continue diagnosis Concentrate